Lunch Communications Sdn. Bhd.

Shah Alam, Malaysia

Lunch Communications was born in 2013 to work mainly with non-Japanese brands. All Malaysians understand and love the word “makan”. This much-loved word, which means, “eat”, is something that Malaysians bond over. It is the glue of Malaysian society. In the work environment, everyone lights up at lunchtime.  It is the break during the day and usually the highlight of a workday. Why? Because it not only revitalizes people with the much needed break and sustenance to carry on, it also brings people together. People talk, discuss, create and laugh over lunch. This word, which is much bandied about during our working hours, epitomizes what the agency is about. Lunch breaks are needed in order to come up with fresh and new ideas. Lunch breaks are needed to get to know the clients and their business better. Lunch breaks are needed to make clients comfortable so that we can sell them ideas. We are a creative boutique agency, built to be lean and effective in terms of both manpower and cost efficiency. Backed by Hakuhodo Inc. in Tokyo and Hakuhodo Asia Pacific, our regional hub in Bangkok, we offer the best mix of global and local knowledge and experience.

Contact information

7th Fl., Building A, Dataran PHB, Saujana Resort, Section U2, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +60 3 7859 9434

Fax: +60 3 7859 9435