Suntory Beverage & Food LimitedThe next stage of Iyemon

Hakuhodo Inc.

Suntory, in collaboration with venerable Kyoto tea merchants Fukujuen, developed an authentic bottled green tea, Iyemon, in 2004. Founded in 1790, Fukujuen has continued its pursuit of “truly delicious tea,” delivering innovation in the world of tea through countless generations. In 2017, Fukujuen’s 227th year of innovation delivered “the next stage of Iyemon,” with a clearer colored green tea containing more first-grade tea than ever before to achieve an exquisite, refined flavor with a crisp, refreshing fragrance. This tea-making tradition and continued innovation in taste has been captured with grand documentary-style scale and lush visuals in this commercial.


  • 2018 ADFEST: Gold (Film Craft)