Jakarta GlobeScars of Misery

PT Hakuhodo Indonesia

Background & Idea

Although the world is experiencing its longest period of peace in history, fighting is still raging in many parts of the world today. As with all wars, the biggest casualties are civilians.


Jakarta Globe wanted to remind people about the heavy cost of war. A series of newspaper ads were created in commemoration of International Day of Peace 2017. The three versions consist of a girl, boy and old man with horrendous and grotesque scars; shapes which when looked at carefully, illustrate battlefield scenes.


The copy reads “War Ends. Misery Stays. Supporting International Day of Peace,” driving the message that while physical scars may heal, some scars, mentally, never really go away.


  • 2018 Spikes Asia: Bronze (Print & Outdoor Craft), Bronze Campaign (Print & Publishing)

  • 2018 D&AD Awards: Wood Pencil (Press Advertising)

  • 2018 ADFEST: Silver (Print Craft), Bronze (Print Craft)

  • 2017 Citra Pariwara Awards: Grand Prix (Best of Print), Gold (Print Campaign, Print Craft, Poster Single),
    Silver (Print Single x 3, Print Craft x 2, Poster Campaign, Poster Single x 2, Billboard Single x 2, Billboard Campaign)