Our Difference

Our work starts from understanding people, or as we say, sei-katsu-sha, a term that expresses true flesh-and-blood individuals as opposed to faceless “consumers.” With leading-edge digital technology and data-driven marketing and research, we provide integrated marketing and innovation based on seeing people, brands and markets from a wholly unique perspective.

Defining the Sei-katsu-sha Interface Market

As 5G, IoT and technologies beyond make all things connected, a new interface to everyday life has emerged. Giving rise to new markets and experiences, it is transforming society. Hakuhodo defines this development as the Sei-katsu-sha Interface Market, and we are using our insights into this new world to provide new value to our clients.

Sei-katsu-sha Data-Driven Marketing

As digitalization provides ever deeper insights in sei-katsu-sha from their real-time purchasing behavior, Hakuhodo has devised new systems to keep our clients at the forefront of the marketing race. At the same time, we use our integrated digital solutions to stir the emotions of sei-katsu-sha and spur them to action.

Innovative Research &

Unique in our commitment to R&D, Hakuhodo produces our own research, maintains our own extensive databases, and even develops original research and data-gathering tools for our clients.

Hakuhodo Institute of Life
and Living (HILL)

Since 1981, Hakuhodo’s world-renowned think tank has been instrumental in influencing the way marketers view people and society. HILL's forward-focused research is sought not only by our clients, but also by international journalists, universities, and other observers of society and how it is changing.