Our Difference

Our work starts from understanding people. Not faceless consumers, but true flesh-and-blood individuals (sei-katsu-sha). As a full-service agency, we are on the cutting-edge of digital technology, data-driven marketing and research. This enables us to reveal an entirely different dimension to people, brands and markets.

Data-Driven Marketing

Hakuhodo's innovative platform for data-driven marketing delivers rapid-fire solutions for our clients. Cutting-edge tools for managing big data offer a clearer picture of markets, where to find customers and how to communicate with them.

One of the World's
in Digital

An early adopter of digital advertising strategies, Hakuhodo has remained an innovator. In 2012, we were named the Most Awarded Agency in Digital in the World by The Gunn Report.

Innovative Research &

Hakuhodo is unique in our commitment to R&D. We produce our own research, maintain our own extensive databases, and even develop original tools for our clients.

Hakuhodo Institute of Life
and Living (HILL)

Our world-renowned think tank has been instrumental in changing the way marketers view people. HILL's forward-focused research is highly sought by clients, journalists, universities, and other observers of the state of society.