Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (HILL)

Established in 1981, HILL is a world-renowned think tank that has been instrumental in advancing Hakuhodo’s Sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy. HILL’s work begins from the perspective that consumers are multi-dimensional, flesh-and-blood individuals rather than categories of faceless consumers.

HILL employs time-series surveys to trace changes in the values of sei-katsu-sha, adopts cutting-edge and experimental methods to uncover portents of the future and emerging trends, and goes far and wide to meet sei-katsu-sha where they live to discuss the issues relevant to them.

HILL produces a wide variety of research reports and books, which are studied not only by our clients, but also by journalists, scholars and other observers of the state of society. With a bird’s-eye view that sees beyond market and industry categories, HILL’s perspectives are imaginative, multi-dimensional and wholly original.

Thematic research

To accumulate long-range sei-katsu-sha data, HILL conducts large-scale studies on specific topics, such as older adults, children, families and consumption. Findings from the data are frequently published.

Release of data and knowledge

Future Timeline, Consumption Next Month, and other up-to-the-minute findings are published on the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living website and on social media. Data from Seikatsu Teiten, a chronological lifestyle survey covering some 1,400 items that has run since 1992, is also available for download on the website.