Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living (HILL)

Our world-renowned think tank has been instrumental in changing the way marketers view people. HILL's forward-focused research is highly sought by clients, journalists, universities, and other observers of the state of society.

Established in Tokyo in 1981, HILL now has institutes in Shanghai and Bangkok. Beginning from the perspective that marketers should see customers as true flesh-and-blood individuals, or sei-katsu-sha, not one-dimensional consumers, each institute undertakes original research into people's behavior, perceptions and aspirations to identify the threads of emerging trends and future lifestyles.

HILL's work is multidimensional, transcending the boundaries of individual markets and industries and offering the kind of visionary big-picture view that smart marketers use to plan for the future. HILL presents the results of its research several times each year and publishes companion books and reports for use by Hakuhodo clients and business partners.