Think Tanks & Specialized Units

Hakuhodo R&D is conducted at specialized units focusing on topics ranging from brand design to parenting.

Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design

Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design is a team specialized in branding and innovation that provides one-stop solution to help clients transform their business for the future from opportunity search and ideation to implementation of outputs including development of businesses/services, products, and human resources/organizations.

Hakuhodo Youth Life Lab

Young people are inclined to great and sudden changes. To understand the cornerstones of their values and lifestyles and develop appropriate marketing approaches, Youth Life Lab works together with young people to continuously study them from a variety of perspectives.

Institute of Smart x Urban Design

Our experts in urban design assist clients at the conceptual stage of projects, participate in strategic planning, and handle design and branding work. The Institute strives to enhance quality of life value through innovations that optimize infrastructure, lead to sustainability and enhance civic pride.

Hakuhodo Institute of Shopper Insight

Hakuhodo Institute of Shopper Insight is a hands-on think tank that considers selling from the standpoint of buying and develops ideas and designs that address unique marketing challenges. Less a desire for things, shopping is now the primary value itself—we call this the desire for shopping. Using sei-katsu-sha insight, we model scenarios to satisfy the desire for shopping and better product encounters.

Hakuhodo Institute of Activation Design

Activation design is a sophisticated planning method for stimulating sei-katsu-sha behavior. Through extensive research, we identify pressure points that trigger specific consumer actions, including visiting a store, trying a product for the first time, setting a purchase intention, and recommending a product or service to others. Built on the foundation of sei-katsu-sha insight, the Institute's ongoing work involves active measurement of real changes in sei-katsu-sha behavior and analysis of both Japanese and international samples.

Working Mothers Link

In a society where 60% of working women leave the workforce after becoming pregnant or giving birth, Japanese working mothers are still striving as a minority. Working Mothers Link brings Hakuhodo's communication skills and talents to bear on the task of creating happiness for both working mothers and for society. It does this by creating venues for working mothers to connect, exchange information and build ideas toward realizing women's empowerment and a society that supports the energetic and carefree participation of mothers in the workplace. The project also supports clients by providing diversity training for executives, career development workshops for their female employees, and building co-creative communities where they can communicate with and learn directly from mothers.

Kosodate Family Lab

The traditional Japanese family is undergoing rapid evolution. Today's families are diverse in their lifestyles and the way they raise their children. Among the most significant changes are families in which both parents work, women opting to delay starting their families, fathers taking a larger role in childrearing and new relationships with grandparents. Kosodate Family Lab is building a knowledge base of information on childrearing, which we use to spot trends in the ongoing evolution of "families." The Lab's research into lifestyles and consumption patterns of families enables us to propose more effective communication.

Hakuhodo Senior Business Force

Hakuhodo Senior Business Force further broadens the Sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy that Hakuhodo has honed over many years into "100-Year Life Sei-katsu-sha Insight." The unit gains deep insights into individual seniors to create new value. The Senior Business Force uncovers business generation opportunities in all areas of the lives of people in their 80s, 90s and up to 100 years of age, with particular focus on redesigning lifestyles and society for 100-year life. In addition to the powerful advantages of 20 years' worth of original research and analysis data, experts in various fields and a network of companies and media with which we collaborate on senior business, Hakuhodo Senior Business Force has various projects under its umbrella, including the Institute of Elder Knowledge and New Adult Culture, Pre-Retirement Cohort Marketing Project, and Digital Activator for Seniors, enabling us to provide solutions to challenges faced by the senior market.