Think Tanks & Specialized Units

On topics ranging from brand design to Generation Z, Hakuhodo conducts our own R&D through specialized units.

Hakuhodo Brand & Innovation Design

This specialized branding and innovation unit provides one-stop support for “innovation for the future,” particularly business, service and product development and human resource and organizational development, from opportunity search to ideation and output implementation.

Hakuhodo Youth Life Lab

The Youth Life Lab works with young people who will live in the future, using youthful sensibilities to grasp the portents of new lifestyles and explore their potential with free thinking.

Hakuhodo Institute of Shopper Insight

Hakuhodo Institute of Shopper Insight is a hands-on think tank that considers selling from the standpoint of buying and develops ideas and designs that address unique marketing challenges. Less a desire for things, shopping is now the primary value itself—we call this the desire for shopping. Using sei-katsu-sha insight, we model scenarios to satisfy the desire for shopping and better product encounters.

Hakuhodo Institute of Activation Design

Activation design is a sophisticated planning method for stimulating sei-katsu-sha behavior. Through extensive research, we identify pressure points that trigger specific consumer actions, including visiting a store, trying a product for the first time, setting a purchase intention, and recommending a product or service to others. Built on the foundation of sei-katsu-sha insight, the Institute's ongoing work involves active measurement of real changes in sei-katsu-sha behavior and analysis of both Japanese and international samples.

Hakuhodo Kosodate Family Lab

The Hakuhodo Kosodate Family Lab is a project that researches, studies and disseminates information about the future of families raising children in an age with no one correct way to raise children and infinite options. Marketing and communication specialists, the Lab provides new perspectives on a wide range of families, from those with pre-natal to college-aged children, with a particular focus on families with elementary school-aged children.

Hakuhodo Kyarijoken Plus(Hakuhodo Career Woman Lab+)

An in-house project led by staff from Hakuhodo and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Hakuhodo Kyarijoken Plus(Hakuhodo Career Woman Lab+) works with the vision of “creating a ‘neutral society’ in which everyone can live comfortably, based on women's happiness.” In addition to discovering insights into and conducting surveys on working women, the Lab has expanded its fields of expertise to include social issues affecting women in general. Striving to realize a future where every individual can make their own choices and achieve self-fulfillment regardless of their gender, the Lab ultimately hopes to see a future where individuals are no longer categorized by their gender or employment status.

Hakuhodo Senior Business Force

Hakuhodo Senior Business Force extends the sei-katsu-sha Insight philosophy that Hakuhodo has honed over many years into 100-Year Sei-katsu-sha Insight. A working unit for senior business, it deeply studies various layers of seniors to create new values. The Senior Business Force uncovers business generation opportunities in all areas of the lives of people in their 80s, 90s and up to 100 years of age, with particular focus on redesigning lifestyles and social structures for 100-year life.

In addition to powerful senior business resources including 20 years of original research and analysis data, experts in various fields, and a network of companies and media, and various projects under its umbrella, including the Institute of Elder Knowledge and New Adult Culture, Pre-Retiree Marketing Project, and Digital Activators for Seniors, the Senior Business Force aims to solve issues in the senior market.

Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative

Hakuhodo Blockchain Initiative develops new businesses and services that harness blockchain technology. Working as necessary with external partners that possess specialized skills and knowledge, including blockchain technology companies, system and service developers, token design consulting firms, legal specialists and relevant industry bodies, the Initiative aims to provide society with new value that leverages blockchain technology.