Innovative Research & Development

Hakuhodo is unique in our commitment to R&D. We have our own data systems and an in-house center staffed by data analysis specialists. When it comes to uncovering insights and planning marketing, our R&D expertise gives our clients an edge.

Our R&D runs the gamut from AI and big data analytics to our annual HABIT/ex and Global HABIT surveys. Single-source databases built from more than 20 years of surveys in Japan and over 35 major cities worldwide, HABIT/ex and Global HABIT provide our clients with original insights to guide their market planning and targeting.

Ongoing R&D is a central facet of our business. We have developed data fusion management methods to ensure the anonymity of information, reliable marketing mix modeling tools, behavioral scoring solutions, and ID-POS data and time-series analysis models for communication effects. On many of these technologies, we hold patents.

An early adopter of innovative technologies, we pioneer new marketing methods.