PT. Telekomunikasi SelularFake News

PT Hakuhodo Indonesia

Background & Idea:

In this digital age, the impact of fake news has become a worldwide phenomenon. In Indonesia, the 4th most populous country in the world with an equally large digitally savvy population, fake news is prevalent and has a negative impact on society. It played a part in several incidences of civil unrest and caused confusion during times of crisis.


Even though spreading malicious fake news online is punishable by Indonesian law, enforcement and prosecution proves difficult. Telkomsel, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Indonesia, set out to educate the public about the seriousness of this offense by launching the ‘Fake News’ campaign.


The ads depict regular social media users seemingly sharing fake news online, with the interface of various social media apps formed into prison bars, ending with the message that sharing malicious fake news is a serious and punishable crime.


  • 2017 Citra Pariwara Awards: Grand Prix (Best of Out of Home), Gold (Poster Single, Poster Campaign, Print Craft), Silver (Poster Single x 2, Print Craft x 2, Print Single x 3, Print Campaign, Billboard Single, Billboard Campaign), Bronze (Billboard Single)