Medialand Digital Communication Group appoint Managing Directors for the first time

Mar. 1, 2024
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Tokyo—March 1, 2024—Hakuhodo Inc., an integrated marketing and innovation company based in Tokyo, is pleased to announce that Taiwan-based Hakuhodo Group company Medialand Digital Communication Group has promoted three personnel to its first-ever Managing Director roles, effective immediately.

The newly appointed Managing Directors, Bernie Liu, Peggy Chen, and Rick Hu, will reinforce and further expand the growth momentum across Medialand Digital Communication Group’s three primary business units: Medialand, which focuses on brand strategy and creativity; MX, a pioneer in the development of platform systems and branded interactive experiences; and MESh+, which specializes in data application research and digital media ecosystems.

(Bernie Liu, Medialand), (Peggy Chen, MX), (Rick Hu, MESh+)

Bernie Liu, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and communications, will serve as Managing Director for Medialand. Over the years, Bernie has helped secure new business and was instrumental in Medialand increasing its revenue by 50%. He will continue to lead Medialand with the goal of expanding operations globally.

Peggy Chen, whose career at Medialand Digital Communication Group spans more than 20 years, has been appointed Managing Director of MX. She will further drive the development of AI application technology at MX and, with her strong technical experience and project management skills, will lead the creation of new forms of branded interactive experiences.

Rick Hu, who has over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing field, will lead MESh+ as Managing Director. With an impressive track record of significantly increasing product revenue in just three years at MESh+, Rick will continue to develop new services in data application across multiple digital media ecosystems.

Medialand Digital Communication Group is part of the Taiwan-based communications giant Growww Hakuhodo Group, which was acquired by Hakuhodo in 2020.

Vince Cheng, Chairman of Medialand Digital Communication Group, said:
“Bernie Liu, Peggy Chen, and Rick Hu have been drivers of Medialand Digital Communication Group’s transformation and growth over the past six years, and I look forward to the great work that will come from their leadership.”

Genki Tei, CEO of Growww Hakuhodo Group, said:
“Bernie, Peggy and Rick have laid strong foundations for the Group’s continued growth and strength in the years to come. I hope that all three will take a step forward to embark on the next great journey and at the same time continue to maintain Medialand Digital Communication Group’s unique position in the Taiwanese market.”


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