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Lyric Speaker is a next-gen speaker that displays song lyrics in time with the music. Select and play your favorite music from a mobile phone or device and the speaker automatically analyzes its mood and composition, retrieves the lyrics from a database and generates beautiful motion graphics of the lyrics, which are displayed on the translucent screen built into the speaker. The speaker visualizes the lyrics of gentle tunes with gentle fonts and movement, and energetic songs with powerful motion graphics.


Lyric Speaker is the first IoT speaker in the world to feature built-in Lyric Sync Technology, which automatically converts the lyrics of music being played into motion graphics.


At 2015 South by Southwest, Lyric Speaker was named Best Bootstrap Company and finalist in the Entertainment and Content Technologies category of the SXSW Accelerator Award.


In 2018, a new line, Lyric Speaker Canvas, was launched.


Recently, the spread of digital downloading of music has made it easy to enjoy music anytime, anyplace. But this has also reduced the need for lyric sheets like those found in records and CDs, limiting opportunities to really read and enjoy song lyrics. But by vibrantly displaying lyrics, Lyric Speaker conveys the artists’ passion on a deeper level, delivering the experience of enjoying a key element of music—its lyrics—through the eyes and ears.


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  • 2015 SXSW Accelerator Awards: Best Bootstrap Company