Kaihara Co., Ltd. Cruising Jeans

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The fashion industry is a global competition. Consumers continue to demand higher quality at cheaper prices, and this trend shows no signs of waning. A local denim manufacturer Kaihara Denim is also a participant in this competition. How can fashion companies raise themselves out of the red ocean of pricing wars? Kaihara Denim needed to have its own branding.


Cruising Jeans—the world’s first denim washed by sea breeze.


We designed a unique experience of denim utilizing local assets. We made a “flagship” of the denim fabric manufacturer. We literally made flagship, with eight sails made of denim. Exposing the denim to sea breezes not only creates damage, the substances contained in the sea breeze also allow the denim to maintain its color longer. We designed a new landscape unique to the denim capital facing the ocean. Finally we created products from the “cruise washed” denim.


  • 2018 ADFEST: Silver (Outdoor)