Greenpeace MalaysiaDrought

Hakuhodo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Forests are a large contributor to rain. As more forests are destroyed, the rain decreases at a faster rate, leading to longer droughts and higher temperatures. Greenpeace Malaysia is on a mission to warn and educate the public of the danger and price of rapid deforestation. Our solution was to depict a future landscape ravaged by drought with a visual twist—the mud cracks formed by logs of wood from destroyed forests. The shock and awe approach was meant to provoke thought and awareness, in hope that policy makers would keep in mind the importance of forests in future development plans.


  • 2019 LIA Chinese Creativity Show: Bronze (Print, OOH)

  • 2018 AD STARS: Silver (Outdoor, Print), Bronze (Print, Public Service Advertising)

  • 2018 Kancil Awards: Gold (Outdoor, Advertising Photography, Print & Publishing), Silver (Art Direction), Bronze (Illustration, Design)

  • 2018 Cannes Lions: Bronze (Industry Craft)

  • 2018 D&AD Awards: Wood Pencil (Press Advertising, Crafts for Advertising)

  • 2018 ADFEST: Gold (Press, Print Craft), Bronze (Outdoor)