UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd.Poster Wallet

Hakuhodo Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


With the increasing cost of living, Malaysian graduates are finding themselves strapped for cash and can’t afford many things, including an affordable mode of transportation. We used a noticeable way to get across how affordable it is for them to own a Toyota Vios.



We created a wallet made out of durable high-quality paper stock that unfolded to become an informative poster on the Toyota Easy GradSCHEME vehicle financing plan, then could be refolded and used as an actual wallet. The wallets were placed at strategic areas where they would be noticed and picked up immediately.


· 10,000 wallets distributed
· 6,000 (60%) inquiries about the Toyota EasyGRAD Scheme
· 4,500 Toyota Vios sold during the campaign period


  • 2018 Kancil Award: Bronze (Best Use of Brand Experience & Activation (Non Digital))