TESS Co., Ltd.Cogy wheelchair




The wheelchair for those who still believe


For many patients, a life with a wheelchair means a life of giving up on the possibility of ever walking again. In fact, rehabilitation in Japanese clinics and hospitals deems users are wheelchair bound at all times when in hospital. Also, “full recovery” is only defined when everyday life actions can be performed once more with no limitations while in a wheelchair. What if the wheelchair actually be an opportunity to help people move their legs again? This is how pedaling wheelchair “COGY” came to life.


  • 2018 ADC 97th Annual Awards: Best in Innovation, Best in Product Design, Gold (Innovation, Product Design), Silver (Design For Good)

  • 2018 D&AD: Awards: Wood Pencil (Product Design)

  • 2018 ADFEST: Grande (Innova, Design)