American Family Life Assurance Company of ColumbusMarathon With No Start Line

Hakuhodo Inc. | Hakuhodo Kettle Inc.

This is a story of cancer patients waiting for treatment, where their emotions are illustrated as a marathon that suddenly begins with no start line.


Women in different places suddenly receive a marathon bib along with their medical examination results. (The figures on the bibs convey the magnitude of new cancer patients in Japan each year).


They hear a start pistol being fired, and head outside without knowing where to go. The women running on empty roads depict the loneliness of nobody understanding their pain.


But as they keep running, they encounter other runners and realize they are not the only ones fighting cancer. They also see their families, doctors and friends supporting them from the roadside.


This leads to the message from “tomosnote” (Aflac’s cancer patient support community) that cancer treatment is not a lonely path and should be overcome together with one’s family and those in the same situation.


  • 2019 Clio Health: Bronze (Film)

  • 2019 Spikes Asia: Bronze (Entertainment, Film)

  • 2019 ADFEST: Silver (Film)