The Nanto Bank, Ltd.The Nanto Family

Hakuhodo Inc.

Nanto Bank is the No. 1 Bank in Nara, where it is based. It was looking to boost its presence outside of Nara and increase testamentary trust trustee numbers. But wills and inheritance are taboo subjects, even within families. Making this hard-to-talk-about subject easier to talk about was a big challenge.  


We undertook a strategy to stimulate discussion of this social issue that affects all of Japan. Taking inheritance troubles that many families may have experienced and turning them into entertainment, we depicted real inheritance problems in a comical way. The series of ads was aired during the Obon and year-end holidays and other times when the target children are likely to visit their parents. This turned a taboo subject into a laugh and sparked conversations in living rooms, successfully increasing trustee numbers.



  • 2019 AD STARS: Gold (Film)