PT Telekomunikasi SelularThe Last Straw

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As Indonesia’s biggest telco provider and with a huge number of youth subscribers, Telkomsel realized it could play a role in moving young people to stop plastic waste. How could we empower them to stop using disposable, single-use plastic as the country’s agents of change?



Indonesia’s young people are among the world’s top smartphone users, and taking and posting selfies is one of their most prominent behaviors. We wanted to change the selfie-taking act into a selfless act by encouraging young people to use their smartphones as a device for declaring their support for stopping plastic waste.

Introducing The Last Straw, a symbol of commitment to stop using plastic straws. Participants made bracelets out of plastic straws and wore them as a symbol of their commitment and reminder that it will be the last plastic straw they will ever use. By posting on social media with our designated hashtag #BhayPlastik (Bye-bye Plastic), they declared their commitment to a habit they already had.



The initiative increased Telkomsel’s brand image as a progressive, socially aware brand that relates to Gen Z. It garnered a high number of impressions and engagements with this segment, which is crucial to Telkomsel’s future growth.



  • 2019 Citra Pariwara Awards: Bronze (Best Use of Social Media Marketing)

  • 2019 PR Indonesia Awards: Silver (Marketing PR)