Hisamitsu Vietnam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.ByeBye-Fever Penguin Hunt Game Campaign

Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Hisamitsu is a market-leader in Vietnam. However, ByeBye-FEVER had yet to become the go-to remedy for children’s fevers. We needed to change behavior from traditional home remedies to the scientifically proven solution found in ByeBye-FEVER. To do this, we needed to drive up trial purchases and convince moms through real experience with the product.


We found out that whenever their kids get fevers, moms utilize traditional home remedies such as placing a wet handkerchief to their child’s warm body. To change this behavior, we dug in and found out that this was also an opportunity for moms and kids to spend the time together. That is how we arrived with our creative idea: the moment of care can also be enjoyable. As a result, we created a mobile game for both children and parents to enjoy during those precious moments of care. This allowed us to communicate ByeBye-FEVER’s USP, while incentivizing moms with valuable instant and special prizes.


The campaign performed excellently on the objective of driving moms to the store to trial purchase ByeBye-FEVER. In brand engagement metrics, the campaign also performed well on digital, but more importantly, it drove trial purchases in store with its fun and rewarding mechanism.



  • 2020 MMA Smarties Vietnam: Silver (Promotions)