Coca-Cola VietnamCampaign: Coca-Cola Tet 2020, The More the Merrier

Biz-Eyes (Square Communications Joint Stock Company)


A time to put aside worries, come together and celebrate, Tet is the most important occasion for Vietnamese people. It is also the most competitive season in marketing, with brands spending big on media to connect emotionally with consumers. It’s not easy to stand out, rock tradition, or to encourage the audience to engage with brand activities online and offline.



“A nearby stranger is better than a far-away relative.” The neighborhood is an important part of Vietnamese people’s social lives. However, life is busy today and joy is often limited to immediate family. The spirit of Tet opens opportunities to connect and remember the greater joy that comes from being connect with others. We leveraged the beauty of the neighborhood to drive a conversation about connection during Tet through the social challenge #KetThanHangXom (Connect with neighbors) on Facebook.



The campaign began with unbranded stories on both social and online media about the beauty of connection in Vietnamese culture that moved the audience to recall memories of past Tets, when people prepared and celebrated with their neighbors. Then, with support from KOLs, micro-mom influencers and community pages, Coca-Cola introduced #KetThanHangXom to encourage consumers to show their relationships with their neighbors and how they plan to re-connect with them. Coca-Cola then brought thousands of families together at two Longest Tet Table events in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to celebrate New Year. A Coke Squad also visited 10 communities in Ho Chi Minh City to support efforts to organize Tet parties.



– More than 4,000 consumers participated in the #KetThanHangXom challenge, with support from nearly 200 micro-mom influencers

– 1.2 million interactions and 355,000 mentions from 5,533 social posts from more than 66,500 unique viewers

– 82 PR coverages, of which 60% was earned

– The event in Ho Chi Minh City received the Asia Record for The Longest Tet Table Party, with more than 2,000 people participating at a table measuring 816 m

– The campaign was listed in Buzzmetrics’ top 15 campaigns in December 2020 and won Bronze at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE PR Awards Asia 2020



  • 2020 MARKETING-INTERACTIVE PR Awards (Asia): Bronze (Best Use of Micro/Niche Influencers)