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Mitsubishi Motors and its flagship SUV faced the challenge of uncovering new demand for outdoors driving by offering a purpose for driving. Most SUV drivers love the outdoors. Plus they are drawn to spectacular views. One of these stunning views is the unkai, or sea of clouds. However, it’s very difficult to forecast the appearance of a natural phenomenon.



We produced an Unkai Navi service that alerts drivers of the probability of an unkai appearance using AI weather data. When a departure point is entered, the navigation system shows drivers the nearest unkai spot. Unkai Navi comes with a social learning function that improves forecasting accuracy by receiving good and bad feedback from those that actually went looking for the unkai.



Unkai Navi was used by over 300,000 drivers in just one month. The system garnered 350 million yen in media exposure. Inquiries from various regions with unkai spots poured in. A total of 35 municipalities introduced Unkai Navi, delivering PR for Mitsubishi Motors at the same time.


  • 2018 ADFEST: Silver (Interactive)