Co-wardrobeKiyasuku / Easy to Wear, Just for You

Hakuhodo Kettle Inc., Hakuhodo Inc.

Kiyasuku has launched the world’s first online service that aims to solve a problem faced by people who are physically challenged because of disability: being forced to consider wearability over personal preference when deciding what to wear each day. We recruited mothers with disabled children who were unable to go out to work because of their children’s care needs. Applying their special knack for modifying clothes, they alter clothing to make it easier for people with disabilities to wear. Orders can be placed online, creating work for the women.


  • 2023 D&AD Impact Award: Future Impact Pencil (Future Impact)

  • 2023 ADFEST: Gold (Design), Bronze (Commerce)

  • 2023 Spikes Asia: Silver (Creative Commerce)