Robinson Department StoreThe Air Drummer

Wolf BKK

Robinson, Thailand’s top department store launched its annual ‘Robinson Salesation’ sale, which allows shoppers to choose items they want a discount on just by placing stickers on them to get a mark down.


To promote the campaign, Wolf BKK and renowned Thai film director Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit collaborated to create this amusing commercial called “The Air Drummer.” The spot encourages Thai people to get discounts on the things they love most.


Film synopsis: A girl practices drumming every day, even though she doesn’t have a drum kit to practice on. She practices as a routine. Finally, her mom notices. She takes off to Robinson with a 90% discount sticker in her hand. However, there is an unexpected turn of events.


  • 2024 The One Show: Silver (Film & Video), Bronze (Branded Entertainment) (2 awards)

  • 2024 ADFEST: Gold (Film), Silver (Digital & Social, Effective) (3 awards)

  • 2024 Spikes Asia: Gold (Film), Silver (Film), Bronze (Film: Culture & Context, Film: TV/Cinema Film) (4 awards)

  • 2023 ONE Asia Creative Awards: Gold (Online Film & Video)

  • 2023 Adman Awards: Best (Film), Gold (Film: TV & Cinema Film , Film: Online Film, Craft: Film Craft: Casting , Digital & Social: Social Content Marketing ), Silver (Craft: Film Craft: Directing ), Bronze (Entertainment: Branded Content , 30 Young Judge) (8 awards)

  • 2023 London International Awards: Silver (Digital, TV/Cinema), Bronze (Online Film, TV/Cinema) (4 awards)

  • 2023 MAD STARS: Crystal (Film Stars)

  • 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards: Best of Show (Film), Grand (Film), Gold (Film: Products & Services, Film: Best Use) (4 awards)

  • 2023 The Work: 5 Acceptances (Film/TV Craft – Other, Film/TV Craft – Direction, Film/Web Film (Over 90 seconds), Film/TV Craft - Sound + Music, Film/TV Craft - Cinematography)