Calbee Tanawat Co., Ltd.Bollywood Badass

Wolf BKK

In Thailand, practically every well-known snack brand has its own paprika flavored variation. And everyone knows paprika snacks to be mildly flavored.


But snack brand BunBun decided to launch a new paprika flavor under the concept “Bold flavor like a boss,” and introduced BunBun Paprika, an Indian spiced paprika flavored snack, with a bolder and tastier punch.


To introduce these new and unique expectations from BunBun Paprika, we created a hero, “The Bollywood Badass.” He would be a bold and colorful character, a representation of all the flavorful spices in BunBun Paprika. He would demonstrate unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary heroism. From removing a street light and using it as a vehicle, to turning all kinds of food into deadly, murderous weapons to fight off the bad guys. Yes, indeed! He would exceed all expectations, just like the flavor of the new BunBun Paprika.


  • 2022 London International Awards: Bronze (TV/Cinema)