Central Department Store Ltd.Shop Unfriend

Wolf Bkk

A comical tale of two best friends who discover they want to buy the same thing as they drive to Central Department Store’s Midnight Sale. They do everything to try to outwit each other and be the first to get to the store. After all, friendship is forever, except on sale days!


As Thailand and the world endures tough times, from the pandemic to politics, the last thing anyone needs is more bad news. The best a commercial can do is to give people a few minutes of enjoyment. We crafted the story as a dialogue between two friends to maximize entertainment value of the film.


  • 2022 Clio Awards: Bronze (Film)

  • 2021 London International Awards: Silver (Digital, Online Film x 2, TV/Cinema)

  • 2021 AD STARS: Silver (Branded Viral Videos)

  • 2021 ADFEST: Grande (Film), Gold (Film Craft)

  • 2021 Spikes Asia: Grand Prix (Film), Gold (Film), Bronze (Entertainment)