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Braun has always dominated the electric razor market in Taiwan, continuously bringing forth innovative products. But among young consumers, it was not the first choice and had a lackluster brand identity. In addition, the brand had low social media momentum.

The young generation is experimental. Connected through their smart phones 24/7, they study the latest trends, cling to social media, love sharing posts, and adore intriguing ideas. With nearly one hundred years of history, how could Braun create new buzz to captivate this generation that is always on the lookout for something new?



Formosa Chang owns the largest braised pork rice business in Taiwan, and not once had his beard been shaved. What if this time, Braun took over and gave Chang the trendiest beard makeover! The result: Braun X Formosa Chang: The Shave Chang’s 60-Year Beard Challenge.



Teaser: A mysterious graffiti artist arrived at a Formosa Chang restaurant in the middle of the night, giving the billboard Chang a beard makeover. Video capturing the incident went viral. Who did it? Who had the audacity to shave Chang’s sixty-year beard?

Launch: Braun and Formosa Chang, working with Chatbot, collaborated to launch a “Braun X Formosa Chang” shaving augmented reality experience and invited fans to have a creativity showdown. Participants received discount coupons for both brands after showing their creations. Potential young buyers were drawn out from online to offline consumption. Subsequently, co-branded t-shirts that encapsulated each brand’s features were released and became another trending topic on social media.



● The teaser video went viral online and was viewed by more than 1.2 million people in a week.

● During the month of the event, online mentions increased 17.6 -fold and 28-fold on benchmark social media sites.

● Event posts were viewed by more than 320,000 people and discussed on major discussion forums in Taiwan, such as PPT and Dcard.

● The campaign reached more than 9 million people.



  • 2022 Clio Awards: Silver (Branded Entertainment & Content)

  • 2021 AD STARS: Silver (Outdoor), Bronze (Social & Influencer)

  • 2021 ADFEST: Gold (Media), Silver (Branded Entertainment, Media, Outdoor, PR)

  • 2021 Spikes Asia: Bronze (Digital)

  • 2020 Effie Awards Greater China: Silver (Commerce & Shopper – Co-branding Marketing, Personal care)

  • 2020 LongXi Creative Awards: Grand (Use of Celebrity), Gold (Use of Celebrity), Silver (Outdoor-billboard, Mobile-UGC, Brand experience activities-Small budget/efficient marketing plan, Social marketing and influence-UGC)

  • 2020 Taiwan 4A Creative Awards: Silver (Best Ambient, Best Interactive, Best Interactive in Digital), Bronze (Best Promo & Activation, Best Integrated Campaign, Best Digital Campaign)

  • 2020 ROI Awards: Gold (Social Marketing)