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Enteroviruses are a serious problem year-round in subtropical Taiwan. Not just a problem for the 80% of double-income Taiwanese families that worry about their children getting sick, enteroviruses actually close dozens of schools every year. The main cause of the viruses is not washing hands properly.

Kao (Taiwan) had conducted hygiene education activities for children over many years, but it was difficult to help make hand washing a habit once the campaign finished and the children went back to their everyday school and home lives. This time, rather than a short-term campaign, Taiwan Hakuhodo thought about how to ensure long-term improvement. We challenged ourselves to make the concept of cleanliness a habit in real life, to help kids lead healthy lives.



Insight told us that while there are limits to the attention children will pay to the messages of one-way campaigns, they are instinctively interested in music! Focusing on the fact that children like music, we created the Smile Pump. Pushing the Smile Pump, which can be fitted to the hand soap pump, activates a sensor that plays a hand washing song.

Besides teaching children how to wash their hands in a simple and easy-to-understand way, the song helps them observe the recommended 40-second hand washing time.

First, we set up a free digital experience booth in areas frequented by families, which successfully made the Smile Pump a topic of conversation. Next, we took the portable Smile Pump to schools. This transcended previous campaigns and showed the possibility of having Smile Pump used by many Taiwanese people in their daily lives.



8,000 people experienced Smile Pump in its first 10 days. More than 40 media reports on Smile Pump, plus unprompted sharing by key opinion leaders on social media. Smile Pump received positive feedback from over 90% of respondents. The campaign reached a total of 7.9 million people.


  • 2019 LongXi Creative Awards: Bronze (Public Relations)