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IdeasXMachina Advertising, Inc.

The political landscape in the Philippines has changed tremendously since 2016. Under a strict regime that has prosecuted journalists for challenging the administration, people have grown scared and the nation that brought about People Power has been silenced.


Revive press freedom by reigniting the spirit of revolution in each Filipino by providing a medium that artists and journalists can use to make their statements heard.


We equipped modern Katipuneros (revolutionaries) with readily downloadable fonts inspired by revolutionary Filipino publications throughout history for personal use today. We then aggregated social media posts hashtagged #freedomfontsph to form a digital gazette that symbolizes love for country and freedom of speech in today’s turbulent political era.


Freedom Fonts have been downloaded thousands of times and used in a variety of artwork and signs for Independence Day, Pride Month, national elections, and more. The fonts garnered almost 10 million pesos in free media and 5 million media impressions within 6 months of their launch.



  • 2020 ARAW Values Awards: Silver (Love of Country and Respect for National Customs and Traditions)

  • 2019 Adobo Design Awards Asia: Gold (Typography (Applied Typography)), Bronze (Typography (Custom Typeface))