Sotetsu Holdings Inc.A Train of Memories

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SOTETSU is a Japanese railway company operating entirely within Kanagawa Prefecture, which neighbors Tokyo, since 1917. In March 2023, SOTETSU established a direct through service to central Tokyo by connecting with the Tokyu Line, which had been a long-awaited dream since its establishment.


Our film follows the track of the father-daughter relationship evolving over twelve years as they commute to work and school on the same train on the Sotetsu Line. The entire story is set on a train and was filmed in one shot. As the daughter grows, she explores new social values, ventures beyond her family circle, and becomes distant from her father. The ever-changing father-daughter relationship throughout the years is styled as a seamless time-lapse sequence of 50 lookalike actors with train’s winding movements to express the swaying emotions of the two. In the final scene, the father prepares to get off at their usual station, except this time, the daughter will continue on to her new university in Tokyo. She is on the new connecting line that goes directly into Tokyo.


  • 2024 Clio Awards: Silver (Film Craft (Direction), Film Craft (Visual Effects)), Bronze (Film, Film Craft) (4 awards)

  • 2024 ADFEST: Grande (Film Craft), Gold (Entertainment, Film Craft: Production: Directing, Film Craft: Production: Production Design, Film Craft: Post-Production, Film Craft: Music & Sound), Silver (Film Craft, Film), Bronze (Film Craft: Production: Costume Design, Film Craft: Production: Casting) (10 awards)

  • 2024 Spikes Asia: Gold (Film), Silver (Entertainment, Film, Film Craft, Music), Bronze (Film, Film Craft: Production, Film Craft: Post-Production) (8 awards)

  • 2024 Clio Music Awards: Silver (Music Supervision), Bronze (Use of Music in Film & Video) (2 awards)

  • 2023 ONE Asia Creative Awards: Best of Discipline (Film & Video, Moving Image Craft & Production), Gold (Film & Video, Moving Image Craft & Production), Silver (Moving Image Craft & Production), Bronze (Moving Image Craft & Production), Merit (Moving Image Craft & Production) (7 awards)

  • 2023 Epica Awards: Grand Prix (Film), Gold (Copywriting & Storytelling), Silver (Direction & Cinematography), Bronze (Transport & Tourism) (4 awards)

  • 2023 Ciclope Festival: Silver (Production Achievement)

  • 2023 MAD STARS: Gold (Film), Silver (Film), Bronze (Film, Entertainment Video, Viral Video), Crystal (Viral Video) (6 awards)

  • 2023 New York Festivals Advertising Awards: Bronze (Film Craft)

  • 2023 Cannes Lions: Gold (Film Craft: Production: Production Design/Art Direction, Film Craft: Production: Achievement in Production), Bronze (Digital Craft, Film Craft) (4 awards)