GU Hong Kong Apparel LimitedGU – Launch in Hong Kong

Hakuhodo Hong Kong Ltd.

As a latecomer to the fashion market in HK, the challenge for GU was to distinguish the brand by communicating the brand concept “GU = Freedom,” and create a unique experience that would build brand affinity.


As we all know, your mood can be altered by what you listen to—and what you wear! You wear brighter colors on a dull day to cheer yourself up! More importantly, how you mix and match fashion is totally up to you. You can create different styles to represent your moods, personalities, and attitudes. The same applies when choosing music. You choose different music to express different moods and feelings. And the crossover of these elements broadens the possibilities even further.

Our Jam Your Fashion Music campaign allowed the audience to mix and match fashion items and create their own music tracks. This platform developed a digital environment for the audience to express themselves with “Freedom.” Encouraging sharing of the music and fashion among people, it built game engagement and connection with GU on social media.  


We not only focused on the game online but connected it to a real-life experience offline. Players were invited to a shop event where they would wear and demonstrate fashion items selected by Super Girls, a girl group popular amongst youngsters. Further, riding on the Facebook Live feed function, we connected it back online to create a social buzz.


Through the campaign, we successfully established a chic & fun image for GU and communicated a distinct proposition in GU’s target market.


  • 2018 The Marketing Events Awards: Gold (Best Product Launch Event, Best Use of Social Media)

  • 2018 MARKies Awards Hong Kong: Bronze (Best Idea – Gaming)

  • 2018 Digital Media Awards China: Silver (Apps, Gaming), Bronze (Fashion & Jewellery)