Japan Philharmonic OrchestraSound-Free Concert 2019 (Posters)



Music for all. The Sound-Free Concert was initiated with this aspiration in mind. The concert, a Yoichi Ochiai × Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Project, came to life by creating a music device for the hearing-impaired that made it possible to experience the orchestra concert through the hands.



Focusing on the fact that music becomes sound waves and travels through the air, making the eardrums and body vibrate subtly, we created posters to announce and spread the word about the Sound-Free Concert. The poster visualizes the most prominent feature of the Sound-Free Concert—experiencing the orchestra through the hands. This was expressed by converting concert music into sound waves, then cutting out the shape of the sound waves using a laser cutter. We then projected light onto the hands. With a black and white ambiance reminiscent of a musical score, the advanced feeling of light and the warmth of the shape of the hands were graphically accentuated using photography.



  • 2020/2021 Clio Awards: Bronze (Design)

  • 2020 D&AD Awards: Bronze (Graphic Design)