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The commercial appeals to Betagro Sausage’s high quality meat, smoked beech wood aroma, delicious crispness and dense moistness.



Sausages are a low-involvement product with a high rate of switching. Betagro had a strong and well-known competitor and, comparatively, very few distribution channels. The challenge for Betagro Sausage, one of Betagro’s main campaigns in 2018, was to differentiate Betagro Sausage from its main competitors and eventually increase sales of the product. The core objective of the campaign was raising awareness of Betagro Sausage’s quality among the target audience.



Normally, to raise awareness, sausage brands use a massive number of low-priced spots to air their commercials. However, understanding the target audience’s lifestyle thanks to sei-katsu-sha data, Betagro instead executed testimonial advertising using a male celebrity on media selected to most effectively reach them, including digital, social and outdoor media, and news coverage and events.



1. Acquisition of new customers increased by 38%
2. Share of mind increased from 0.4% to 30%
3. Awareness increased from 0.4% to 16%
4. 4,572 topic mentions for the campaign within 30 days
5. 5.5 million reached, 1.6 million online views


  • 2018 MAAT Media Awards: Silver, Bronze (Best Communication Strategy)