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Our challenge was to touch Thai millennials’ hearts to create brand preference leading to brand consideration. We needed to register Toyota passenger cars as trend-leading and a perfect match for Thai millennials’ lifestyles, and at the same time, regain brand preference and brand consideration with Toyota’s current “Live Alive” platform. The campaign’s tasks were to drive top-of-mind brand awareness and establish a new identity for Toyota’s passenger cars, and enhance brand preference and brand consideration.



Thai millennials value experiences most, especially those that make them feel alive, interesting and uniquely individual. To win them over, Toyota needed to become deeply involved in their lifestyles in a non-intrusive but inviting way and make them feel that they will look cool and trendy by associating themselves with the brand. So, tapping into millennial’s top interests and passions, we reinterpreted the current “Live Alive” platform in the form of consumer experiences. We told stories through iconic Thai millennials who live and breathe the experiences to make them come alive for target consumers, draw public attention and gain earned media. We also leveraged sub-culture audiences via key influencers to maximize the experiences via online and key touchpoints. We developed a four-pronged campaign with parallel activities in music (Toyota x iconic musicians Getsunova), creative (Toyota x iconic film maker Ter Nawapol), travel (Toyota x The Cloud website) and sports (Toyota x Running Fever).



Top-of-mind awareness rose from 0% to 43%

Consideration increased from 6% to 47%

Gained Toyota brand preference of 77%

Organic traffic to Toyota’s Facebook page rose by 33%


  • 2018 MAAT Media Awards: Gold (IMC Multiple Platforms)