OMO Matic / Unilever VietnamCampaign: OMO Lupin, Greener for Vietnam

Biz-Eyes (Square Communications Joint Stock Company)


OMO believes that “Dirt is Good.” Every stain, every mark, every smudge, is a sign of memories being made. A sign of having fully embraced the moment, whether that’s climbing to the highest branch or cooking with your hands. However, the “Dirt is Good” journey is now being blocked, with parents not allowing their children to play in urban playgrounds due to fears about pollution. How could OMO show moms that “Dirt is Good?” It was time for OMO Matic to bring the green back to playgrounds and involve kids in the movement.



Trees are magical wonders of childhood: under their shade so many stories unfold, games are played, and memories made. We not only wanted to plant trees, but also offer families the experience of planting trees together. OMO Matic would be portrayed as a brand that encourages “good for nature” by removing tough stains so parents would not hesitate to let their kids have experiences. Plus, with just this simple action, we could have many trees to purify the air, cool the heat, shield kids from UV rays, and keep away noise pollution.



The campaign kicked off with a PR stunt contrasting visuals of playgrounds with trees vs those without, using the tagline “TRỐNG CÂY, TRỐNG TRẢI NGHIỆM” (No Trees, No Experiences) across all media channels. This created conversations among major media, KOLs and consumers, and reminded them about their childhoods, when playgrounds were covered in green shade.

When “No Trees, No Experiences” became a hot topic on every channel, OMO Matic encouraged consumers to join hands to “Plant Trees, Grow Experiences.” With every product bought, OMO Matic would plant a tree to restore green to children’s playgrounds. The brand also hosted a “Plant Trees, Grow Experiences” social challenge, calling on people to draw trees and post them on social media with the campaign hashtag. With each tree drawing publicly shared on Facebook, OMO Matic contributed 5,000 VND to Fund Greening Vietnam. The challenge drew a lot of attention from consumers and famous KOLs who advocate a green living philosophy. In addition, two events were held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to officially kick off the planting of 33,000 trees, which built green playgrounds for children in 11 major cities and provinces in Vietnam.



– 134,054 total discussions

– 3,386 user-generated content

– Very good sentiment score: 1 (100% positive)

– Named in Buzzmetrics Social Index’s Top 3 Social Campaign in September

– Won the Pioneer for the Community Award at WeChoice Awards 2019, an annual award honoring the most inspirational and influential figures/organizations in Vietnam, and Gold for Best Use of Content at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE PR Awards 2020.



  • 2020 MARKETING-INTERACTIVE PR Awards (Asia): Gold (Best Use of Content)