Hakuhodo Brand Activation Network Summit 2023: Special report

Dec. 28, 2023
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A brief introduction to Hakuhodo’s leading brand activation and PR agencies

Hakuhodo International recently held Hakuhodo Brand Activation Network Summit 2023, a three-day event that gathered leading Brand Activation and PR agencies from across the Hakuhodo global network. For the first time, the Summit was held in-person, with 25 agencies representing 12 countries and regions and a total of 45 people attending the event in Tokyo.

Hakuhodo’s capabilities in the brand activation and PR areas have been expanding since the establishment of the first overseas subsidiary of Hakuhodo Product’s in Thailand, along with the acquisition of several integrated marketing communications and marketing giants across Asia, from PMG Group, a member of the Hakuhodo ICG Group with networks across 14 countries in APAC, to Square Communications Group in Vietnam/Myanmar/Cambodia, and Growww Hakuhodo Group in Taiwan.

With the increase of campaigns that span multiple countries, the exchange of knowledge and creation of solid connections across the Hakuhodo global network is essential for future collaborations.

Hakuhodo Brand Activation Network Summit was held online for the past three years. This year’s in-person event allowed participants to experience first-hand the latest technology at the studios of Hakuhodo Product’s, and a showcase of advanced promotional tools in Japan. H+, a cross-company strategic organization that works closely with the Tokyo offices of Hakuhodo and DAC, helped integrate digital perspectives in the brand activation and PR fields.

The Hakuhodo Group offers a wide array of solutions and services in the brand activation and PR fields. Below is a brief introduction of the strengths and capabilities of the brand activation and PR agencies across the Hakuhodo global network, listed by country/region.


Regional Network Office
PMG Asia Pacific (A member of Hakuhodo ICG Group)
PMG offers a comprehensive suite of integrated marketing communications solutions to help clients operate dynamically and smartly across the Asia Pacific. PMG believes that passion makes great ideas, which are then transformed into reality using proven processes, and amplified through smart technology.

With 18 offices across the region, in-depth local market knowledge helps clients create solutions that effectively communicate to their customers in a personalized manner, while empowering them with global reach. Headquartered in Singapore, PMG is driven by more than 400 passionate and talented people, our heartbeat, in 12 countries across the region.


eNav Marketing Services
Shortened from Enterprise Navigators, eNav is an event and activation company with reach across all types of markets in the Philippines. eNav works with innovative technology and executions that drive real customer experience to define a product’s uniqueness, address sales generating objectives and deliver hyper-targeted consumer insights through data-driven marketing.

PRIXM is public relations and marketing communications company of award-winning agency IdeasXMachina, a member of Hakuhodo, that specializes in perception engineering, reputation management, context creation and message curation.

Just as prisms split light into its full spectrum and facets, PRIXM illuminates hooks and angles about clients, not so much as to blind or deceive, but to enlighten and to make relevant, and ultimately to engineer a positive perception and reputation. This is done through strategic and creative storytelling and brand journalism in both conventional and digital spaces. Stories, articles, white papers, interviews, testimonials, videos, media-attended events, influencers, CSR programs and social media: are all lenses through which PRIXM presents its clients and their issues to the public.


Growww Hakuhodo Group
Growww Hakuhodo Group is comprised of five leading Taiwanese marketing brands: United Communications Group, KY-Post, Pilot Group, Interplan Group and Medialand. Together, they provide marketing services including brand and corporate advertising, creativity, media, public relations, exhibitions and events. Growww Hakuhodo Group is also the only listed integrated marketing company in Taiwan. The Group employs more than 700 people and has won the trust of many clients through professional services, rich experience and Group synergy.

Pilot Hakuhodo
Established in 1996, Pilot is currently the largest local PR group in Taiwan. Over the past 25 years, the Pilot Group has provided professional services in PR and communications to nearly 600 international brands, transnational enterprises, local small and medium businesses, government departments, and nonprofit organizations. Pilot Hakuhodo is one of the most influential marketing and communications groups in Taiwan.

Pilot Hakuhodo has seven agencies, which form a 360-degree network for integrated marketing services. Headquartered in Taipei, the Group also has a branch office in Shanghai.

The clientele of Pilot Hakuhodo has expanded to cover a variety of industries, including consumer products, technology, telecommunications, digital content, restaurants, cosmetics, hotels, tourism, domestic appliances, home decor, boutiques and fashion. Today, Pilot Hakuhodo is a multidimensional PR group capable of comprehensive services.

This award-winning PR agency belonging to United Communications Group under Growww Hakuhodo Group operates under the business philosophy “It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about discovering value.” UPR provides PR-related services in the following fields: media relations development and establishment, crisis/issue management, event planning and execution, internal communication, media opinion research, media training, marketing and PR operations, sponsorship evaluation, network public opinion monitoring, community/forum word-of-mouth operations, online KOL operations, webcasting, online media buying and film event planning.


Established in 2014, PRODUCTS (BANGKOK) is the first overseas subsidiary of Hakuhodo Product’s Inc. in Japan. An in-house production company of the Hakuhodo Group in the ASEAN region, PRODUCTS (BANGKOK) is capable of one-stop services, from planning to execution, in the fields of events and activation, exhibitions and spaces, design and art, sales promotion campaigns, and coordination of survey research, production services and more.


Square Communications Group
Starting out with four co-founders—all passionate veterans of the marketing and communications industry—Square Communications Group has grown from a local event agency to an extensive international-standard group specialized in integrated marketing communications services. Comprising seven communications companies—Square, Biz-Eyes, DSquare, Gamma, Delta and Square Communications Myanmar—Square Communications Group is proud to be one of the biggest players in the field in Vietnam.

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