NEXA (Maruti Suzuki India Limited)Sound of NEXA Blue – Case Study

Hakuhodo.Sync Pvt. Ltd.


NEXA, Maruti Suzuki’s modern retail channel of new-age automotive showrooms across India, created a unique color, NEXA Blue, exclusively for all NEXA cars. Our challenge was how to promote NEXA Blue not just as a beautiful color, but as the symbol of innovation.



Our starting point was “Can you hear color?” We combined the color NEXA Blue with synesthesia (a neurological condition that translates one sense, like hearing a sound, into another, such as seeing a color generated by that sound) to mother an innovation never attempted before: The Sound of NEXA Blue. In a never-done-before collaboration, NEXA, synesthetic musicians and a special color came together to create the Sound of NEXA Blue.



Market Result:

33.83% increase in the sales of NEXA Blue cars


Social Result:

Overwhelming online engagement

40 million+ impressions

0.57 million+ NEXA Blue website page visits

Time spent on the NEXA Blue website per visitor: 2.26 minutes compared to an average of 1.15 minutes on the NEXA website


Branding Result:

In a country obsessed with white cars, suddenly everyone—from media personnel to consumers—shifted their attention to NEXA Blue cars creating a lot of buzz in social media.


  • 2019 Creative Abby Awards: Silver (Branded Content and Entertainment)