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In the 20th century converting music into data has made music an experience for our ears only. But originally music was enjoyed with our entire body. We wanted to see if we could bring back that whole body experience.



LIVE JACKET, a wearable device that creates a portable live music experience anywhere. First we collaborated with the rock band ONE OK ROCK, which is super popular for their live performances. We decomposed the data for each sound from their new single then played them through 20 micro speakers attached to a special jacket. Vocals, guitar, bass, and drums… We mixed all 16 channels and played them together. With this LIVE JACKET, we created a new music experience just like the one we experience with our whole bodies at live music events. To promote the band’s new single, our premiere event was a LIVE JACKET fitting to allow fans to experience this live feeling for the first time in the world.



  • We created a new music medium to rival live events and concerts.
  • The band’s new album broke their previous sales record.

What if there was a formal jacket that made you feel like the conductor of an orchestra? LIVE JACKET Part 2 and Part 3 are in the pipelines…


  • 2017 Spikes: Bronze (Music)