Koji Suzuki and Poppy Sun from the Hakuhodo group to share the secrets of unlocking further innovation at the ADFEST 2024 Hakuhodo seminar, “Play With Your Aspirations. A Key to Rock the World”

Mar. 21, 2024
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We are excited to announce that Koji Suzuki, Strategic Creative Director of Hakuhodo, and Poppy Sun, Associated Creative Director from Medialand Digital Strategy Limited, will be speaking at the Hakuhodo seminar at ADFEST 2024. “Play With Your Aspirations. A Key to Rock the World” will shed light on how to further uncover innovation and will take place on March 22nd from 2:30 PM.

We are in an era of AI that optimizes everything, and the creative industry is no exception. We like to believe that OUR creative is different to AI’s. AI is a tool that gathers and logically processes information. However, it’s the HUMAN ASPIRATION that has potential to make innovation possible. In this seminar, we will introduce some creative cases that discovered and tapped into hidden HUMAN ASPIRATION on a quest to change the world.

ADFEST 2024:

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