Sushi SeiFlavour of Home

Hakuhodo Indonesia


There were many Japanese expatriates left stranded in Jakarta during the COVID-19 pandemic and the agency was tasked with launching a campaign to remind them of the taste of home at Sushi Sei restaurant.



We conveyed the thought as the “Flavour of Home” in a print and poster campaign that featured sushi-inspired elements in various picturesque settings reminiscent of Japanese hometowns, all designed to evoke emotion in the expats. This visual feast came in five versions, highlighting five sushi favorites: Sake (salmon), Tamago (egg), Ika (squid), Maguro (tuna) and Tako (octopus).



The “Flavour of Home” campaign saw a marked increase in the number of patrons who came in to ease their yearnings for the authentic flavors of their hometown food.



  • 2022 Spikes Asia: Bronze (Design, Industry Craft x 7)

  • 2021 London International Awards: Silver (Poster, Print), Bronze (Design, Poster)

  • 2021 AD STARS: Gold (Design), Silver (Print, Design)

  • 2021 One Show: Gold (Out of Home, Print x 2), Bronze (Out of Home)

  • 2021 ADFEST: Silver (Outdoor Lotus)