Lifebuoy/Unilever VietnamCampaign: Lifebuoy Nature (Jarvis Y2) Relaunch

Biz-Eyes (Square Communications Joint Stock Company)


Vietnam was in the worst 11 countries in terms of pollution in 2016. Air quality was a particular concern, with a high concentration of PM 2.5, the fine particulate matter that can cause serious health problems.


As a brand that advocates better health and living, Lifebuoy felt responsible for educating about the threat of PM 2.5. Lifebuoy Nature (Jarvis Y2) is a hygiene offering with natural extracts, formulated to prevent skin infections, especially those caused by PM 2.5. Lifebuoy wanted to build a strong association for Jarvis Y2 as a trusted, top-of-mind health solution for pollution concerns in this relaunch campaign.



PM 2.5 and its cumulative effects are invisible to the naked eye and people were not aware that it can easily slip through fabric fibers and reach our skin and respiratory systems, harming our health. The campaign conveyed the mesage: “PM 2.5 is an invisible killer that is dangerous to our health. Join hands with Lifebuoy to detox yourself and the nation from PM 2.5 now.”


The campaign partnered with NGOs, NPOs and government agencies to raise awareness about PM 2.5’s health impact, with a clear call to action: “It’s time to #detoxfromPM2.5 for Vietnam!” Collaborating with such diverse partners as a fashion designer, a travel blogger and key opinion leaders, the hashtag was used to build attention to the urgency of the PM 2.5 issue. We also created  impactful real-life “brand say” stories, and established the #DetoxPM2.5 Platform as a meaningful “brand do” initiative, motiving consumers to join the brand’s challenge to detox PM 2.5 and join a meaningful activity for a cleaner Vietnam.


When public attention to PM 2.5 reached its peak, the brand called the audience to join Lifebuoy in the DetoxfromPM2.5 Challenge: Walk under 1 km/Share a ride/Plant a tree. With every detox comitment from the audience, Lifebuoy contributed 15,000 VND to building three green tree walls and planting 30,000 trees in Vietnam to bring clean air for everyone.



・116,439 total discussions

・6,878 user-generated content

・Very good sentiment score: 1

・Top 6 Social Campaign in Buzzmetrics Social Index in September

・PR ROI: 374%

・76 fruit trees were planted in amusement parks in Hanoi and 30,000 trees planted in 10 other cities



  • 2021 MARKETING-INTERACTIVE PR Awards: Gold (Best PR-led Integrated Communications), Silver (Best Launch/Re-Launch Campaign)