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Shark energy drink had multiple problems: declining brand awareness, unclear brand positioning and no growth in brand consideration. Shark needed to rejuvenate the brand and find solutions to their problems.



Rap music is the up-coming trend among teens, our core target, and the Thai TV network Workpoint captured this trend with the rapping competition TV show “The Rapper.” Shark saw this as a good opportunity to enhance their brand concept through sponsorship of the program. But since TV viewing behavior has changed, we needed to go beyond just on-air content. Shark re-curated video clips from The Rapper with enhanced brand messages and released them through official Shark social platforms.

High engagement encouraged Shark to create trials and drive sales by producing limited edition Shark x The Rapper merchandise giveaways. Shark also drove momentum even after the end of the program by creating the “The Rapper Rematch,” the competition in which the Rapper finalists rap on “SHARK Rhyme” and call for a vote to win the exclusive finalist signature hoodie on SHARK Facebook.



The campaign achieved very high engagement and brand recall.

+6,000 comments on SHARK’s official Facebook, including +100K reaction emoji

+8,000 shares of SHARK content to personal Facebook accounts

+11% increase in SHARK Facebook followers

+400 million SHARK x The Rapper online content viewers

Brand Health Tracking score by Nielsen increased strongly after the campaign

 -Total Awareness: +12%

 -Consideration: +6%

-Conversation rate to try the brand: +9%


  • 2018 MAAT Media Awards: Silver (Best Use of Branded Content)