Japan Philharmonic OrchestraIntoxicating Sounds Posters



In 2021, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra held a concert with the theme of “alcohol.” The concert hall bar traditionally a place to enjoy the vibe of the concert hall before, during and after the performance, had closed indefinitely due to COVID-19. We wanted to provide the full concert experience from when visitors entered the doors until they exited the concert hall.



Classical music is something that is aged with time. It heals and captivates. In this way, classical music is much like fine liquor. We created a series of posters expressing the “euphoria of music,” by likening orchestra instruments to alcoholic drinks.



The posters were displayed in the foyer of a concert hall where alcohol would have been served if not for the pandemic, and created a visual using alcohol that would have piqued the taste buds of the visitors.


  • 2022 ADFEST: Bronze (Print & Outdoor Craft)