SoftBank Corp.Personal Innovation Act

Hakuhodo Inc. | SIX Inc.

With the advent of smartphones, sharing children’s growth in real-time has become popular in Japan. Yet most grandparents, the people that we want to share it with the most, remain disconnected as they are unable to use them.


Creative Solution
Japanese smartphone carrier SoftBank wanted to develop prototype products for sharing daily life without smartphones. We gave items that seniors were familiar with a digital twist, creating prototypes that maintained analog interfaces while enabling digital communication for sharing the grandchildren’s growth. We made a total of 6 prototype products and installed them in a real household. We created a perception change by showing that far from people having to “keep up with” technology, there are actually innovations where technology draws closer to a person’s life.


  • 2017 Spikes: Bronze (Digital)

  • 2017 AD STARS: Silver (Interactive, Diverse Insights), Bronze (Public Service Advertising)

  • 2017 ONE SHOW: Merit (Design, UX/UI)

  • 2017 ADFEST: Silver (Interactive)