Hakuhodo Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Established in 2007, Hakuhodo Asia Pacific (HAP) is Hakuhodo’s regional headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. We oversee Hakuhodo’s operations in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar and India, supervising and supporting the business activities of Hakuhodo branch offices and affiliated companies in business planning and development, financial consultation, credit management, human resource development, general administration and regional training, creative support, marketing and strategic planning.

Contact information

15th Floor, Tonson Tower, 900 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel: +66 2 257 0399

Fax: +66 2 257 0396

Mail: info@hakuhodoasiapacific.com

Masato Saito, Managing Director

New surprises from Asia

It is currently 16 years since I was first posted to Bangkok. I have now spent 16 years devoted to entrenching the Hakuhodo Way, which I learned in Japan, throughout Asia. Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living ASEAN (HILL ASEAN) was launched in 2014, and began spreading “sei-katsu-sha”—a term developed by Hakuhodo in Japan—and sei-katsu-sha insight—a way of thinking that sees people not simply as consumers but as flesh-and-blood individuals (i.e. sei-katsu-sha)—in the ASEAN market. Since then, the advertising business in Asia has changed markedly due to digitalization and other shifts. In the next 15 years, perhaps a new Hakuhodo Way will emerge from new technologies and new ways of thinking developed in Asia and be exported back to Japan. And maybe Hakuhodo’s headquarters will not be in Japan but in some other country in Asia. I go about my everyday work while dreaming that such a day may come.

New surprises from Asia.
For the happiness of all sei-katsu-sha.



Kenta Ikoma, Regional Creative Director / Architect

Get to know our talented people: 

Woon Hoh, Chief Creative Officer

Get to know our talented people: 

Kok Keong Chow, Regional Executive Creative Director

Challenges & opportunities in the era of digital

Advertising has now moved away from traditional media to unconventional forms of
engagement. Technology is key in this new era of communication, and we can’t deny that
technology has been evolving and has become deeply immersed in people’s lives, changing
our media consumption habits over the years.

However, I believe that idea is still king in this digital era. If a communication purely plays with
cool technology but doesn’t carry an insightful idea that captures our emotions, it will not stay
long in our hearts. After all, our Sei-katsu-sha are human beings with emotions.

As of the moment of writing this, another new form of advertising could have popped out due
to a new technology development. There are many new challenges ahead, but our creativity
will continue to create opportunities for our clients and help raise brands to the next level.

Last but not least, I’m extremely excited with my new role at HAP team. I truly look forward to
work with our great team at Hakuhodo network and interesting clients across the region.

Nicolas Kosasih, Regional Creative Director

Discontentment is the catalyst for progress

I always make it a habit to be discontented with my work. Complacency stops me from thinking about how to create better ideas. I can’t allow myself to take it easy and rest on my laurels if I am to continue my pursuit of progress.

Every year, I see to it that I challenge myself. I always have to create better work than the year before—for my clients and the brands I’m working on. I have learned that creativity favors those who refuse to give up. Keep pushing through failure, rejection and hardship because each mistake we make will help us to grow and improve. After all, it doesn’t matter how many times we fall. What matters is getting back up every time.

Working closely with my teams, we have won over 40 international awards including from D&AD, Cannes Lions, The One Show, Clio Awards, London International Awards, ADFEST and Spikes Asia, and more than 100 national awards.

Going forward, together with my team I want to keep offering our clients creative solutions that are relevant to today’s changes in the market. In order to do that we will be focusing on having a deeper understanding of sei-katsu-sha insight and keep exploring the latest trends and pop culture, both locally and globally.

So stay discontented. The best is always yet to come.

Lee Chin Huei (Vince), Regional Senior Art Director

What’s the story?

This is the question that I ask myself every time at the beginning of a project.

Everyone loves a good story. A good story sticks in your head. A good story distracts you from the mundane daily grind. A good story can even topple an empire. Most of all, we all crave a good story so we can live vicariously through them.

In essence, that’s what advertising is to me. 10 years into my career and across the ASEAN region, going to new places and meeting new people is core of my job. One thing I learned all these years is this: there’s a story in everything. Our job is find it, and tell it in the most creative way that capture our collective imagination. When you have a good story, everything else will fall into place.

All things must come to pass. Only stories remain.

What stories do you think the future generation will revere?