Hakuhodo Univ.

In April 2005, Hakuhodo established a corporate university under the vision of propelling a “Creative Hakuhodo.”

Today, as digitalization and globalization transform the world and lead us into ever new fields of business, it is vital that we demonstrate a high level of creativity not only in the field of advertising, but wherever our work leads us—from the development of marketing strategies for our clients to the creation of social movements. Over the years, Hakuhodo Univ. has evolved into a driving force behind the human resources we need to remain at the leading edge of the creative frontier.

The Hakuhodo Univ. program starts with the Entry Program for new-graduate hires to understand the Hakuhodo Way. For strategic human resource development, the programs include Market Design Business Training, Strategic Career Program, and Innovation Concept Program. For professional training, more than 200 courses are organized annually to enable individuals to master a specialized field. These programs include Business Skills Program, Digital Skills Program, and Job Group Program. As a company that believes people are our greatest asset, Hakuhodo focuses on on-the-job training and career design for employees.

Our stance on talent training is distilled in a maxim that prioritizes the eclectic over the generic. We want each person's personality to shine vividly and in its own way. It is our belief that the best way to create new value is by forming teams of diverse personalities. Many of Hakuhodo Univ.’s programs, including workshops where teams interact and discuss ideas as opposed to classroom lectures, are taught by experts inside our own company.

More than an educational institution, Hakuhodo Univ. is a place for the cultivation of creativity. Employees do much more than learn new things; they expand their awareness. By nurturing the intrinsic talent and spontaneity of our employees, we exceed client expectations.