Hakuhodo Univ.

Hakuhodo Univ. is a corporate university established in April 2005 with a vision of a creative Hakuhodo.

Buffeted by the twin swells of digitalization and globalization, the environment facing Hakuhodo is in great flux. At the same time, the fields we provide services in have become extremely wide-ranging. Aside from advertising business, we also need to bring our creativity to bear on everything from marketing strategy building to fomenting movements in society. Hakuhodo Univ. is evolving as the driving force behind training personnel able to meet these various needs.

Hakuhodo Univ.'s program comprises over 200 courses per year. These encompass everything from The Basics of the Hakuhodo Way for young employees, through to our Marketing Management School, Global School, Hakuhodo Innovation Program, and job-specific programs and other measures all designed to give our professionals knowledge and skills in each field of specialization. In addition, as the teaching arm of a company that has long seen our people as our most valuable asset, Hakuhodo Univ. is also instrumental in conducting on-the-job training and assisting in designing careers for our employees.

The centerpiece of Hakuhodo's stance to talent training is found in our long-cherished maxim: "The eclectic over the generic." We believe that creating teams of diverse personalities, where each member's uniqueness is allowed to shine, is the way to create new value. As a result, an extremely large number of Hakuhodo Univ.'s lecturers are Hakuhodo employees, and our programs frequently take the form of workshops where participants think and discuss topics as a team, rather than simple classroom lectures.

Hakuhodo Univ. is not simply an educational institution. Creativity that exceeds our clients' expectations is born from our employees' spontaneity and initiative. Employees grow not only through being taught, but by making discoveries of their own. Hakuhodo Univ. is committed to being a place for such development.