Corporate Philosophy

Sei-katsu-sha Insight: Cornerstone of Our Work.

Sei-katsu-sha insight is the foundation of everything we do at Hakuhodo. It reminds us that consumers are more than shoppers performing an economic function. They have heartbeats. They are individuals with distinct lifestyles. In the 1980s, long before other agencies recognized the value of the holistic approach, Hakuhodo introduced this term to emphasize our commitment to a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective on consumers' lives. Today, big data and cutting-edge technology enable us to understand sei-katsu-sha better and faster than ever before, making us uniquely able to build bridges between our clients, sei-katsu-sha, and society.

Partnership: Cornerstone of Our Business.

Partnership means being a responsible partner to our clients, committed to discussing, acting, and creating together. Our ability to act as a partner hinges on our ability to share the unique perspectives we achieve through Sei-katsu-sha Insight.