CP ChickenGo for Launch

Wolf BKK

CP Go For Launch with “aerospace-quality chicken”



CP, a world-leading food brand, wanted to raise consumer awareness of chicken safety standards.


Every brand in the market had acquired the same approval standards. We asked ourselves how the brand could elevate product quality and drive perceived value to make CP the first choice of consumers.


We came up with an idea that no brand in history had ever done: create “aerospace-quality chicken.” This way, people could perceive every beneficial aspect of CP Chicken, including its safety and nutrition, manufacturing processes and poultry farming quality, with just a single message, without any further explanation.



Food on Earth and for space have never been held to the same standards. Food for astronauts must be the safest and most hygienic. Moreover, food for space is subject to hundreds of tests by NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory to ensure it meets space food safety standards.


We took the groundbreaking approach of sending chicken meat into space to provide food for astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). This required working closely with space agencies (NASA and SpaceX), scientists and R&D.


This campaign not only benefits astronauts aboard the ISS, but also raises the bar for food safety standards back on Earth.


Now, people on Earth and in space have the same standard: Aerospace-quality chicken. Everyone has equal access to high-quality chicken products that boost health and well-being.


CP was set to deliver chicken meat to the ISS on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.


Houston, we are Go for Launch.


  • 2024 Clio Awards: Bronze (Branded Entertainment & Content)

  • 2024 ADFEST: Gold (Effective: Collaboration & Partnership), Silver (Effective: Campaign Success) (2 awards)