HDY Group wins 14 awards, including White Pencils, at D&AD Awards 2024

May 29, 2024
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Tokyo—May 29 2024—We are pleased to announce that the Hakuhodo DY Group has won 14 awards, including 2 White Pencils (2 White Pencils, 4 Graphite Pencils, 8 Wood Pencils) at D&AD Awards 2024.

A prestigious UK-based advertising competition, D&AD Awards was established in 1962 by the non-profit organization D&AD. D&AD Awards is considered one of the most influential awards celebrating excellence in design and advertising.

The White Pencil, two of which the Group was awarded, is for works that are recognized for having a positive social impact . This year, it was awarded to just four works from a total of 1,420 award winners, with the Hakuhodo DY Group the only winners from Japan.

The Graphite Pencil is said to be the D&AD Awards’ equivalent of a silver award, and the Wood Pencil the equivalent of a bronze award.


Awarded works

Shellmet (also sold under the name Hotamet)

  • White Pencil (Impact: Impact: Design)
    Advertiser: Koushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

AIZOME ULTRA™ – An Innovative Method to Create Textiles with Lasting Health Benefits

  • White Pencil (Impact: Impact: Upstream Innovation)
  • Wood Pencil (Design: Product Design: Technological Innovation)
    Advertiser: AIZOME
    Agencies: Hakuhodo Inc. / Serviceplan

AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial Waste — Certified as Skincare

  • Graphite Pencil (Design: Product Design: Promotional)
  • Graphite Pencil (Engagement & Experience: Experiential: B2B Activations)
  • Graphite Pencil (Engagement & Experience: Experiential: Responsible Activations)
  • Wood Pencil (Craft: Typography: Printed Materials)
  • Wood Pencil (Health: Health & Wellbeing: Direct)
  • Wood Pencil (Engagement & Experience: Direct: Acquisition & Retention)
  • Wood Pencil (Engagement & Experience: PR: B2B)
  • Wood Pencil (Impact: Impact: Campaign Communications)
    Advertiser: AIZOME
    Agencies: Hakuhodo Inc. / Serviceplan

Family Cookvault

  • Graphite Pencil (Design: Graphic Design: Catalogues, Brochures & Annual Reports)
  • Wood Pencil (Craft: Typography: Publications)
    Advertiser: IGA (Sobeys)
    Agency: Sid Lee

Cycle.me – Nutrient Timing Food

  • Wood Pencil (Design: Graphic Design: Integrated)
    Advertiser: dot.me
    Agencies: Hakuhodo Inc. / HAKUHODO DESIGN INC.


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