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Jun. 17, 2022
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A UN Information Centre, Tokyo campaign calling for action on climate change

Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. is pleased to announce that Hakuhodo DY Group personnel have participated as creative volunteers in the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo (UNIC Tokyo)’s “Promise of 1.5 ºC. Act now to stop global warming,” a campaign that calls for action on climate change through the power of the media.

The campaign, which through the dissemination of information in the media promotes understanding of why it is necessary to limit the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and provides concrete actions to halt climate change, including global warming, aims to encourage individuals and organizations to change their behavior. It was launched today, June 17, 2022, by UNIC Tokyo, together with 108 Japanese media organizations that are members of the SDG Media Compact. This is the world’s first country-level joint campaign by media companies that are members of the SDG Media Compact, a global collaboration framework between the United Nations and media companies.

The campaign title, slogan, logo, and other assets were created based on ideas from Hakuhodo DY Group copywriters and designers participating as creative volunteers, with additional input from Japanese member companies of the SDG Media Compact.

“Promise of 1.5 ºC. Act now to stop global warming”

The campaign title, “Promise of 1.5 ºC,” includes the commitment of various individuals and organizations to support and implement the de facto goal of limiting the global average temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, which the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), including Japan, made at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) held in November 2021. The slogan, “Act now to stop global warming,” includes a message that conveys the necessity of taking concrete action toward this goal.

Hakuhodo’s Yuta Iguchi, who was the Creative Director of the campaign, said:

“As a sei-katsu-sha, I was greatly shocked that this problem has reached the point where it can no longer be addressed with the mindset ‘do what you can, to the extent you can.’ In many aspects of life and business, we need to rethink our behavior and values from the ground up, and make significant changes.
But this is surely the beginning of a new future. We can’t keep doing without and making efforts all the time.
I hope that the campaign will start a chain of positive ideas for a completely different image of the future.”

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, Hakuhodo DY Holdings will continue to propose actions to expand and accelerate measures to combat climate change and cooperate in activities to encourage individuals and organizations to make the Promise of 1.5 ºC their own.

Promise of 1.5 ºC. Act now to stop global warming campaign credits

Producer: Masahiro Kawatei (Hakuhodo DY Holdings)
Creative Director/Copywriter: Yuta Iguchi (Hakuhodo)
Art Director: Go Hosokawa (Hakuhodo)
Designer: Saori Nakayama (Hakuhodo)
Public Relations: Shiho Maki (Hakuhodo)
Research: Mitsuru Nakahira (Hakuhodo)
Research: Chiyoko Kameda (Hakuhodo)
Research: Sumie Kaminaga (Hakuhodo)
Research: Rina Shirasaki (Hakuhodo)
Research: Takanori Ono (Hakuhodo)
Research: Chisato Takigawa (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners)

Climate change initiatives at Hakuhodo DY Holdings

The Hakuhodo DY Group is tackling various social challenges, with a sustainability goal of “realizing a society in which sei-katsu-sha can shine brightly while staying true to themselves.” In May 2022, Hakuhodo DY Holdings established targets and disclosed information in line with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Since endorsing the TCFD’s recommendations, we have also set new greenhouse gas emission reduction targets as we bolster our activities to address climate change. Specifically, our targets are a 50% reduction of CO2 emissions in FY2030 compared to FY2019 and achieving carbon neutrality in FY2050. To achieve these reduction targets, we will take appropriate actions to further reduce the burden we place on the environment, including the introduction of renewable energy at our offices, as we aim to realize a post-carbon society.

About the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo (UNIC Tokyo)

UNIC is part of the UN Secretariat’s Department of Global Communications (DGC). In Japan, it works to raise people’s interest in and understanding of the United Nations and its activities. These activities are wide-ranging, including the preparation of Japanese-language materials, setting up press conferences and media interviews, issuing information via its website and social media, and planning and organizing events.

About the SDG Media Compact

Launched in September 2018 by the UN Secretary-General and 31 founding members, the SDG Media Compact aims to encourage media and entertainment companies around the world to use their resources and creative talents toward realizing the SDGs. At present, nearly 300 companies from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East have joined the SDG Media Compact. By disseminating facts, human stories, and solutions, the Compact is a powerful driver of advocacy, action, and accountability on the SDGs.

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