Hakuhodo DY Group picks up 3 Pencils at D&AD Awards 2022

Jun. 10, 2022
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Tokyo—June 10, 2022—Hakuhodo DY Holdings Inc. and Hakuhodo Inc. are pleased to announce that Hakuhodo DY Group companies have won 1 Yellow and 2 Wood Pencils at D&AD Awards 2022.

One of the most prestigious advertising competitions in the UK, the D&AD Awards were established in 1962 by the registered charity D&AD. Awards were given in 41 categories this year.

Awards won

Yellow Pencil

  • Craft: Animation
    Title: Hair Album
    Advertiser: Takara Belmont Corporation
    Agency: Hakuhodo Inc.

Wood Pencils

  • Culture: Entertainment
    Title: Louvre Flashback Tour
    Advertiser: Prime Video
    Agency: Sid Lee Paris
  • Design: Graphic Design
    Title: EMF Fashion Book
    Advertiser: Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    Agency: Sid Lee Montréal

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Note: Yellow and Wood Pencils are equivalent to Gold and Bronze, respectively.

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