HAKUHODO DX_UNITED launches Data Privacy for Marketers

Feb. 18, 2022
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Tokyo—February 18, 2022—HAKUHODO DX_UNITED, a strategic business unit spanning Hakuhodo Inc., Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc., and D.A.Consortium Inc., has launched a new service called Data Privacy for Marketers. Designed for the post-cookie era, Data Privacy for Marketers is a one-stop solution that helps companies optimize their marketing and deliver the ultimate customer experience while safeguarding data privacy.

Digital activations have evolved rapidly in recent years. Safeguarding data privacy by managing information securely is essential to the effective execution of such activations by corporate marketing units. Indeed, data privacy must form the cornerstone of any company’s strategic data vision over the medium to long term.

Until now, however, most initiatives around data privacy have addressed specific issues. Some are designed to achieve legal compliance with the revised Personal Information Protection Act slated to take force in Japan from April 2022. Others address technical challenges such as adapting to the advent of a post-cookie world—a development already starting to impact traditional targeted ads and advertising effectiveness metrics. In addition, there is the difficulty of ensuring consistency across the entire organization. Concerns are often expressed about how companies are becoming increasingly siloed. The marketing, legal affairs, and information systems departments each take a different approach to decision-making, speak a different language, and understand each other’s jobs differently. Data privacy safeguards thus end up constraining marketing efforts and the customer experience.


Data Privacy for Marketers is designed to remedy that state of affairs. This integrated framework serves as a one-stop solution for adding value to marketing and customer experience and optimizing marketing system platforms. Specifically, it helps corporate marketing professionals acquire a combined legal and technical knowledge of data privacy, and do their job more smoothly by applying it. It combines that support with the services required to execute projects company-wide.




Data Privacy for Marketers is offered by a professional team of experts specializing in providing support for safeguarding data privacy. It builds on Hakuhodo DY Group’s track record of success in assisting businesses to formulate their own action plans in response to revisions to the Personal Information Protection Act. It provides one-stop shop support with everything from immediate steps—like privacy consulting and installing consent management platform (CMP) tools—to medium- to long-term action. That includes establishing next-generation owned media channels, and formulating and implementing CRM activations, that enable full-scale collection, management, and utilization of zero-party and first-party data; and, at the planning stage, organizing “customer experience workshops” to promote consensus-building in house. Data Privacy for Marketers helps marketing professionals turn data privacy safeguards into a new source of value for their company.

HAKUHODO DX_UNITED will continue delivering a full range of solutions for driving the digital transformation of marketing in the post-cookie era.

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